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Transition from Hardship to Economic Stability

Welcome to the website of  Ladies in Transit Holistic Community Development Corporation (LITHCDC). Founded in 2010 by military spouse Malanie Jordan; LITHCDC is a 501(c)3 tax exempt not-for-profit social service organization providing  

  • free social services to families and individuals seeking programs and services to transition from hardship to economic stability

  • fiscal sponsorship to non-profits

  • New Jersey public notary and other administrative support

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Mission Statement


The mission of Ladies in Transit Holistic Community Development Corporation is to provide families and individuals with transitional programs and services that empower our multicultural society to transition from hardship to economic stability. LITHCDC programs and services support individuals seeking food, clothing, shelter, employment opportunities, domestic violence support, housing programs, literacy, health & wellness, veteran awareness, elderly awareness, career development, entrepreneur support, youth development, and nonprofit entrepreneurs seeking 501(c)3 fiscal sponsorship.



In-Kind and monetary donations to LITHCDC are tax-deductible. In-Kind donations can be scheduled for pick-off, drop-off , or mailed. Donors can make on-line monetary donations on any page of this website using the blue "Donate Today" button in the page header. Donations support and acquire materials required to present LITHCDC programs and services which include;

  • personal care packages for women, men, children, families, and veterans 

  • community outreach projects

  • food pantry

View the DONATIONS GALLERY for  donations LITHCDC will include in free personal care packages for the homeless, domestic violence families, no income/low income families, youth, individuals in need of personal care products for employment opportunities/other business appointments, shelter residents, veterans,  and other personal care projects. Select CONTACT US for additional donation options. Example: mail, in person, etc. Donations are greatly appreciated and will purchase items listed on the Donations page and/or as donor discretion.


The LITHCDC mission statement reflects our commitment to provide free social services and administrative support in NJ, PA, and on-line. Free Social Service Programs include health & wellness items, food, clothing, housing referrals, career development, volunteer program, and other social services upon request.  Administrative Services include entrepreneur support, fiscal sponsorship, notary public, business formations, business registrations, 501(c)3 formations, entrepreneur opportunities, and other administrative support upon request. LITHCDC offers a sincere thank you to LITHCDC sponsors for their generous support which expands community outreach projects, programs and services. Thank you to non-profits who sign-up for Fiscal Sponsorship. It is an honor to participate in the growth and development of numerous non-profit organizations. Due to LITHCDC community outreach schedule; appointments are encouraged and available using LITHCDC  Book On-Line  service. Watch our calendar for new  2019 programs and upcoming events.

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About the Founder, President, & CEO

Malanie is a military spouse, public administrator, retiree (2010 Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), and a survivor of domestic violence from her first marriage (1973-1981). Malanie's professional and personal life experiences fuels her passion to help others. Malanie applied military spouse educational benefits to prepare for a post retirement career as a nonprofit social service provider. Malanie's degrees, Master of Public Administration (MPA) from Ashford University in 2012 and Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling (MSMHC) from Capella University in 2016 empowers her to meet public social service needs of individuals and families seeking to transition from hardship to economic stability. Professional experience as a SEPTA Station Manager / Dispatcher for 19 years of a 22 year career (1988-2010) empowers Malanie with the experience, education, and skills to work with individuals and families who desire transitional support.  Meet the LITHCDC Team. ​ The team contributes unselfishly to the social services vision. Thank you in advance for your support.

Malanie Jordan, MPA / MSMHC

Ladies in Transit Holistic CDC

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